Polysteel Atlantic Ltd.


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Polysteel Atlantic Limited / East Coast Rope Limited are manufacturers of high tensile strength three strand synthetic rope, with production capabilities in excess of 6,000,000 lbs per year.

468 Portsway Avenue Edwardsville, Nova Scotia

Both manufacturing facilities are located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

The ropes carry such registered trade names as Polysteel, Esterpro, Hydropro and Polysteel Leaded which includes the uniquely designed leaded rope known as “SCR” a rope which is hoped will revolutionize today’s commercial fishing industry. Polysteel Atlantic continues to have a strong presence in both the aquaculture and commercial fishing industries.

Compared to traditional polypropylene rope, Polysteel has almost twice the tensile strength, less stretch and a higher abrasion resistance. Combine that with extremely high UV resistance, and there should be no wonder why Polysteel is considered to have the lowest cost per pound of tensile strength of any synthetic rope. The ability to custom make a rope for a specific use is also a reason for the company’s growing popularity in the various industries it services.

Polysteel Atlantic has realized that in today’s demanding world that if you can’t save money then you should at least be able to save time.




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